Brittany Leavitt

Position: Next Generation Advisory Council Member

Brittany born and raised in Maryland, balances her time on the trail, to the crags, to the classroom. Brittany first taste of the trail was back in 2008. Since then she has been section hiking the trail. She was able to join the Konnoarock Trail crew back in 2011.By joining Next Generation Advisory Council Brittany also spend her time as an Outdoor Afro Regional leader. doing so ,she helping create and celebrate the black community by breaking down the stereotypes that we do not go outside or adventure. We hike, Climb, Garden, bird... We do it all. She also teachers as an REI Outdoor Instructor on the weekends teaching backpacking skills, climbing, and leading hikes. During the week, she spends her time as a preschool teacher at the Smithsonian working with 2-3 year old's. On her free time she enjoys Backpacking, Climbing, Traveling, and pretty much anything that gets her outside.